Natural-e Wellness

We are passionate about bringing the very best, non-toxic, skin care, body treatments and holistic healing products. Our innovative formulations are vitamin rich with pure essential oils resulting in powerful anti-aging results with glowing, naturally beautiful skin.

Our Team

Elisabeth Stavinoha

John Bowlsby

John Bowlsby is Co-Founder and Production Manager who works with Natural-E Wellness to create wonderful and powerful naturally sourced CBD Topicals for pain relief and beautification.
John believes bringing a powerful, natural and effective non-narcotic product(s) to the market is important with the ever-growing issues with Opiate consumption in the country. “Coming from personal experience of opiate use for pain management, I believe that find a remedy for the pain while maintaining a meaningful and fulfilling life is key” states John.
He has worked with several leading industry professionals to create new and effective products meeting growing market demands.
John is a certified Culinarian with years of experience in both the culinary world as well as the cannabis and hemp industry in both California and Colorado working specifically with the immunocompromised.
John holds a bachelor’s degree in culinary food science from San Francisco State University specializing in Dietary Nutrition. 


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